about realspin

Each class is focused on riding to the beat of the music while integrating choreographed moves that synchronize the upper body and lower body together.

behind the name

Where does a name come from?

How much thought goes into a title that you want to grow with forever?


Lauren moved to Montreal from New York City in 2002, where she worked in health care as both a recreation therapist and child life specialist. Exercise and staying healthy have always been a huge part of her life, even more so after her two children. While doing the fitness circuit in and around Montreal, Lauren found herself falling in love with indoor cycling and dancing on the bike. Suddenly working out became fun and a way to look forward to exercising. She hasn’t stopped sweating out the small stuff and helping each rider find the best version of him/herself since!

what you’ll need  

2-5 lb weights or

hand towel to modify 

water to stay hydrated

the duration of the ride


clothing that you can move and

ride in. Ensure that it breathes

and wicks sweat easily.

happy spinners



That class was amazing.

Best hour of quarantine so far!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Your positive energy is contagious! Thank you for doing what you do and creating such a fun and safe space that allows people to just be free 


Great class!!! Loved the music! Thank you for my mental therapy!