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​What you need to know before a ride

  • the spin studio is on the 3rd floor...please wait at the front desk and someone will lead you to the studio for the ride.

  • please arrive 15 minutes prior to start time of the ride.  this will allow time to set up your bike and get ready for the ride.  

  • please bring proof of double vaccination and a mask.  mask is required to be worn until you are seated on your bike and ready to ride.

  • all belongings must be stored in a locker in the bathroom.  this will prohibit clutter in the room during the ride so that no one trips or gets hurt walking around.

  • please bring spin shoes with spd clips to ride.  the pedals do not have baskets for regular sneakers.  if you do not have spin shoes, we have some to borrow, but highly recommend bringing your own.

  • bring water and a towel to use during the ride.

  • showers are available to be used, but please bring your own bath towel and any other personal items you need.  we are not able to provide any of these items.

  • wipes will be provided to do a quick wipe down after the ride.  realspin staff will do a more thorough cleaning after everyone leaves the studio.

  • cancellation policy is full refund if cancelled within 15 hours of the scheduled class time.

about the spin studio ventilation:

the only one of its kind in the Montreal area, the VicStudios spin studio includes a commercial quality indoor fresh air exchange system. the system is powered by a Vanee fresh air exchanger that continuously brings in filtered fresh air from the outside into the spin studio and simultaneously pulls the spin studio air out, blowing it outside. this is happening continuously at a rate of 600 cubic feet per minute (600 cfm) and results in all of the air inside the spin studio being completely replaced with fresh outdoor air every 12 minutes.


in other words, over the course of a 48 minute spin class, the air is 100% replaced with new fresh air, 4 times.


this measure of 5 air exchanges / hour (5 ACH) far exceeds new provincial and federal recommendations for improved ventilation in fitness centers.

**proof of double vaccination required


looking for a live indoor ride? 





address of studio:



Vic Studios

376 Victoria ave., 3rd floor

Westmount, QC

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