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realspin radio is a streaming platform that allows you to bring the sounds and emotions from each unique, dj-style themed recorded ride with you no matter where you are or what you're doing.  Each recorded ride ranges from 35-50 minutes and is available to be streamed to any device, at any time, with instructor voice or without.  


realspin radio was created as a result of the overwhelming interest in using the playlists from the rides for workouts other than on a bike.  Whether you are walking, using an elliptical, rowing machine or simply using weights, the music and motivational words can keep you inspired and make working out more fun!  Listen to the sounds and music, sing along, use the beat and have fun!  


All realspin radio subscription packages include access to both recorded classes with instructor voice and without voice.


In addition to using the music for workouts, there has been great demand for the realspin dj-style playlists to use for musical enjoyment.  With realspin radio, you can take all the realspin themed playlists anywhere;  in the car, in your kitchen while you cook and even to your private parties!


realspin radio playlist theme examples:

  • broadway

  • poprock

  • gone clubbing

  • camp songs

  • latin vibes

  • emotional and powerful

  • roadtrip

  • and over 100 more!!

sample with instruction
sample without instruction

music on this site has been licensed in partnership with socan canada.

realspin radio listeners



It is really important to find something you love when exercising - for me that was RealSpin! As a non-spinner I use Lauren’s playlist for my walks! The music, the motivation, the energy is amazing! I can’t wait for the end of the work day so I can go walking-look out for me and you will find me dancing and singing in the streets!


Lauren is truly the most fun and inspirational person out there! I have never enjoyed working out and I always find it so hard to get going. I started spinning with Lauren in the studio because my daughters love her – and now I know why! With everything that is going on, I don’t have a bike at home so I’ve started walking to Lauren’s rides. Sometimes, I go outside and sometimes, I am on a treadmill but, no matter what, I get moving, feel good and smile. I even listen to her rides when I am just hanging out at home because the music is so good! Thank you, Lauren!!! 


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